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Transform your space into a captivating canvas with the Play AV PVW02-46T video wall mount. This sleek and secure pop-out system effortlessly displays two 46-inch screens side-by-side, creating a seamless panorama of immersive visuals.

Say goodbye to bezels and misalignment. Precise micro-adjustments ensure pixel-perfect uniformity, while the quick-lock design makes setup a breeze. Need to access the screens? Simply pop them out for adjustments or maintenance, then retract for a clean, low-profile look.




Turn any wall into a captivating canvas with our premium Video Wall Mounts, designed to seamlessly showcase multiple displays in stunning unison. Whether you’re creating a dynamic digital signage solution for your business, a breath-taking home theater experience, or an impactful command center, our mounts provide the perfect foundation for your visual masterpiece.

Unmatched Precision and Alignment:

  • Micro-adjustable features: Achieve pixel-perfect alignment with individual screen adjustments for tilt, depth, and lateral positioning. Each display sits exactly where you want it, creating a uniform and visually mesmerizing wall of content.
  • Seamless viewing experience: Eliminate annoying bezels and gaps between screens. Our precision engineering ensures a smooth, uninterrupted visual flow, drawing viewers deeper into the content.

Effortless Installation and Maintenance:

  • Pop-out and locking mechanisms: Simplify installation and access with innovative pop-out functionality. Screens effortlessly extend for adjustments or maintenance, then retract for a sleek, low-profile look. Secure them with built-in locking mechanisms for worry-free stability.
  • Quick-connect systems: Many of our mounts boast intuitive quick-connect systems that make assembly a breeze. Say goodbye to complicated manuals and hours of frustration, and hello to a streamlined setup process.

Unwavering Strength and Security:

  • Heavy-duty construction: Crafted from high-grade steel and aluminum, our mounts are built to handle the weight of even the most demanding displays. Rest assured, your valuable screens are supported with unwavering strength and stability.
  • Anti-theft options: Protect your investment with optional security features like tamper-proof locking mechanisms and cable management systems. Ideal for public spaces or high-traffic areas.

Versatility to Match Your Vision:

  • Multiple configurations: Whether you envision a 2×2, 3×3, or a sprawling video wall masterpiece, our mounts offer the flexibility to accommodate your creative vision.
  • Universal compatibility: Choose from mounts compatible with a wide range of screen sizes and VESA patterns, ensuring a perfect fit for your existing or future displays.

Beyond Functionality, Design that Impresses:

  • Sleek and minimalist aesthetics: Our mounts complement your displays, not compete with them. The discreet design enhances the visual impact of your video wall without creating visual clutter.
  • Durable finishes: Choose from a range of elegant finishes to match your décor, from classic black to a sophisticated silver.

Elevate your space with the power of immersive visuals. Our Video Wall Mounts are the foundation for creating a truly unforgettable experience. Let us help you transform your walls into captivating canvases of sight and sound.

General Information:

  • Brand: Play AV Accessories
  • Model Number: PVW02-46T
  • Product Name: VIDEO WALL MOUNT
  • Type of Mount: Pop-out Video Wall Mount
  • Number of Displays Supported: 2 (side-by-side configuration)
  • Compatible Screen Sizes: 46 inches
  • VESA Patterns Supported: Not specified
  • Material: Not specified (likely steel or aluminum)
  • Finish: Not specified


  • Overall Mount Dimensions: Not specified
  • Weight Capacity: Not specified
  • Distance from Wall: Not specified
  • Minimum/Maximum Screen Spacing: Not specified


  • Pop-out Mechanism: Allows screens to extend for maintenance or adjustments
  • Quick Lock Design: Facilitates easy installation
  • Lateral Shift Brackets: Enable fine-tuning of screen placement
  • Screen Level Adjustment: Ensures precise alignment of displays
  • Anti-Theft Design: Can be secured with a padlock (not included)