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Pop-Out Video Wall Mount

Effortlessly service your video wall! Pop-Out Video Wall Mount extends for easy access, simplifies installation & ensures perfect display alignment. Universal compatibility, quick assembly.




The Pop-Out Video Wall Mount is a mounting solution designed to simplify the installation and maintenance of your video wall. Here’s what it offers:

  • Effortless Access: The unique pop-out mechanism allows you to easily extend the mount away from the wall. This provides ample space to comfortably connect cables, install displays, or perform any necessary maintenance on the back of your screens.

  • Seamless Alignment: The mount typically includes micro-adjustment features, enabling precise positioning of each display along horizontal, vertical, and depth axes. This ensures your video wall maintains a perfect visual alignment.

  • Universal Compatibility: Pop-Out Video Wall Mounts are available in a variety of models to accommodate different screen sizes and weights. They are also compatible with various VESA mounting patterns, the industry standard for mounting displays.

  • Simplified Installation: The modular design of these mounts often allows for quick and easy assembly. This saves you time and effort during the initial video wall setup.

Overall, Pop-Out Video Wall Mounts are a valuable tool for anyone installing or maintaining video walls. They offer increased convenience, improved serviceability, and a professional finish for your display configuration.

General Specifications:

  • Product Name: Pop-Out Video Wall Mount
  • Material: High-grade steel (typical)
  • Color: Black (typical), custom colors may be available (optional)
  • Loading Capacity: Specify weight capacity range (e.g., 50-100 lbs per display)
  • VESA Compatibility: List compatible VESA mounting patterns