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Kores Easy Cut 822 Paper Shredder

Kores Easy Cut 822: Confetti-fy your secrets! This compact shredder tackles 6 sheets at once, turning sensitive docs into secure confetti (P-4 level!). Whisper-quiet, jam-proof, and easy to use, it guards your identity while keeping your desk clutter-free. Works like a charm, looks pretty good too. Shred with confidence!

Key features:

  • Cross-cut shredding for maximum security
  • 6-sheet capacity, P-4 security level
  • Quiet operation, jam-proof design
  • 12L bin, overload & overheat protection
  • Compact & stylish, easy to use

Keep your info safe, one sheet at a time.




The Kores Easy Cut 822 is a personal paper shredder designed for home or office use. It’s a compact and affordable option that’s perfect for shredding confidential documents, credit cards, and other sensitive materials.

Key Features:

  • Cross-cut shredding: This type of shredding cuts paper into confetti-sized particles, making it much harder for identity thieves to piece together your information.
  • 6-sheet capacity: The Easy Cut 822 can shred up to 6 sheets of paper at a time.
  • P-4 security level: This security level is suitable for shredding confidential documents such as bank statements and tax returns.
  • 2-minute run time: The shredder can run for 2 minutes continuously before needing to cool down.
  • 12L bin capacity: The bin can hold up to 12 liters of shredded paper before needing to be emptied.
  • Overload and overheat protection: The shredder will automatically shut off if it becomes overloaded or overheated.
  • Easy to use: The Easy Cut 822 is very simple to operate, with just a few buttons and switches.
  • Quiet operation: This shredder is relatively quiet, so you won’t disturb others while you’re using it.

Additional Features:

  • Multicolored body with a standby LED light
  • Caster wheels for easy mobility
  • Full bin indicator

Benefits of Using the Kores Easy Cut 822 Paper Shredder:

  • Helps to protect your identity from theft
  • Provides peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information is being destroyed
  • Reduces clutter in your home or office
  • Environmentally friendly way to dispose of paper

Overall, the Kores Easy Cut 822 Paper Shredder is a great option for anyone who needs a reliable and affordable way to shred confidential documents. It’s easy to use, quiet, and offers a good level of security.

Shredding performance:

  • Type: Cross-cut
  • Security level: P-4 (suitable for confidential documents)
  • Sheet capacity: 6 sheets (70gsm paper)
  • Shred size: 4x38mm particles
  • Maximum run time: 2 minutes

General specifications:

  • Bin capacity: 12 liters
  • Power consumption: 220W
  • Operating noise: 58 dB
  • Dimensions: 290 x 142 x 350 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Warranty: 1 year

Additional features:

  • Overload and overheat protection
  • Standby LED indicator
  • Easy-to-empty bin
  • Caster wheels for portability
  • Multicolored body

Please note:

  • This shredder cannot shred CDs, DVDs, or credit cards.
  • The bin should be emptied regularly to prevent jams.