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Jabra Speak 510

Jabra speak 510 is a portable unified communications speakerphone allows you to turn any room into a conference room. You get outstanding sound quality and a plug-and-play solution that can connect to your pc, tablet, or smartphone via Bluetooth or usb. Crystal clear voice experience ensures everyone is heard Set-up in seconds- compatible with all leading UC platforms in a compact portable design lets you hold conference calls anywhere.




The Jabra Speak 510 is a portable speakerphone that lets you turn any room into a conference room. It’s compact and lightweight, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. And with its crystal-clear sound and powerful microphone, it’s perfect for making conference calls on the go.

  • Compact and portable: The Jabra Speak 510 is small and light enough to take with you anywhere. It weighs just 195 grams and fits easily in your bag.
  • Crystal-clear sound: The Jabra Speak 510 has a powerful speaker that delivers clear, rich audio. It also has an omnidirectional microphone that picks up voices from all angles.
  • Plug-and-play: The Jabra Speak 510 is easy to set up. Just plug it into your computer with the included USB cable and you’re ready to go.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: You can also connect the Jabra Speak 510 to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. This is great for making hands-free calls or listening to music.
  • Long battery life: The Jabra Speak 510 has a long battery life that lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge. This means you can use it all day without having to worry about running out of power.
  • UC certified: The Jabra Speak 510 is certified for use with all leading Unified Communications (UC) platforms. This means you can use it with your favorite collaboration software, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Skype.


  • Make conference calls from anywhere: With the Jabra Speak 510, you can make conference calls from your home office, your hotel room, or even your car.
  • Improve your call quality: The Jabra Speak 510’s crystal-clear sound and powerful microphone will make your conference calls sound better than ever.
  • Be more productive: The Jabra Speak 510 can help you be more productive by making it easy to make and receive conference calls on the go.
  • Stay connected: The Jabra Speak 510 is a great way to stay connected with your colleagues, even when you’re not in the office.

Peak output power
10 watt
Microphone type
Signal to noise ratio (SNR)
+70 dB
Speaker sensitivity
Output sensitivity in Max volume: 0 dB Pa/Vd
Bluetooth 3.0, CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH


Up to 15 hours
Standby time
Over 200 days with Automatic power off feature
Charging time
Approximately 2 hour


Bluetooth® standard
Bluetooth® 3.0
Bluetooth range
Up to 30 m
Supported Bluetooth® profiles
A2DP (v1.2), Hands-free Profile (v1.6), Headset Profile (v1.2), AGHFP (v1.6)
PC USB Bluetooth dongle (Jabra Link 380)
USB BT audio device/HID dongle. Bluetooth® 3.0)